Danny Jacobsen is the world's leading executive communications coach and consultant.

By employing a singular technique that emphasizes each individual's unique strengths and skills, Danny Jacobsen has empowered personnel at companies ranging from small business owners to executives at Fortune 100 companies in the pharmaceutical, financial, health care, technology and consumer industries. His clients have become dynamic, confident communicators and world-class presenters in all levels of business.

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Effectively Communicating at All Levels of Business

Danny Jacobsen, Inc. offers a range of coaching and training services designed to address specific communication demands within your organization:

One-On-One Communication Training

Individual training for corporate leaders, managers and anyone whose role requires public speaking or regular communication with co-workers. Private coaching helps individuals develop a personal presentation style that commands attention, creates a clear message, inspires the listener and enhances leadership. Whether preparing a speech for an audience of thousands, leading a team, or honing better peer-to-peer communication skills, all levels of personnel, including CEO's, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Managing Directors and senior level management have benefited enormously from Danny Jacobsen's sessions.

Group Communication Training

Group sessions focused on achieving highly effective communication skills specific to personnel who interact with the public or present internally. This service is designed to give employees the expertise and confidence they need to succeed in sales, presentation delivery, cross-functional communications and pitching. Sales teams, marketing teams and all sectors of business look to Danny Jacobsen to help them reach their full potential when speaking with their customers, board or co-workers.

Learning to tell your story — your way.

Danny Jacobsen launched his company in reaction to formulaic techniques he saw being implemented by most of today's communications trainers and coaches.


"People aren't robots. The one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn't work," Danny says. "For effective communication to occur, people require a method that is unique to the individual personality and adaptable to different circumstances. It is my job to help each person discover and emphasize their most authentic characteristics, while overcoming fears and old habits that compromise those strengths."

Each training course is specifically designed to focus on the needs of that individual or group, and is based on a combination of the following areas of effective communicating.

Presentation Technique

Creating clear, dynamic and effective presentations. Areas of expertise include: Defining your unique brand through personal experience and perspective, understanding your audience, establishing proper vocal pacing and tone, finding your natural body movement, dealing with nerves and delivering a powerful message. The skills attained in these sessions translate beyond the podium into all areas of the workplace.

Leadership Development

Mastering the art of good leadership. This includes: Defining and reaching specific goals for yourself and your company, exploring your character strengths and opportunities for improvement, implementing motivational techniques for your team and co-workers, developing listening skills (which are as important as speaking skills), dealing with challenging situations and finding solutions. Achieving these qualities is a requirement for individuals who strive to be their best in their current position, while preparing them for their next level.

Clear Content Messaging

Becoming an expert at comprehensive, thorough and compelling messaging. This area focuses on crafting original content that implements necessary business facts into an accessible story, which captivates your audience. Acquiring the ability to convey an impactful message allows your presentations to be memorable, inspirational and motivational.


Selected Client List

Johnson & Johnson
General Motors
Taco Bell
Fisher Investments
Washington Mutual
PGA-Ryder Cup
Sun Microsystems
Schering Plough
Capital One
Bristol Myers Squibb
Jazz Pharmaceuticals
Ironwood Capital Management
Autism Speaks
"There are no words."
It's a statement that people make all the time. In reality there are always words, and usually lots of them, people speaking them and people listening to them. Danny Jacobsen is the BEST at managing all these words and making them matter. Hands down, Danny is a master of finding a voice for your ideas in your own words. His enthusiasm is undeniably infectious. Danny's genius, coupled with his honest, earnest approach to life make the process a pleasure as well as life changing.
Diann Duthie
Art Director The Dr. Oz Show
Leadership development is a vital component of our company's success at General Electric. It is a rare opportunity to find and work with an external consultant such has Danny Jacobsen, where his impact is instantaneous and business performance is immediately improved. There are few things you carry with you throughout your career. Danny Jacobsen is one of them.
Steve Carchedi
CMO – GE Healthcare
Danny has worked with many of teams from many different nationalities and cultures. From the most senior executives to our people working in the field, his coaching has improved and enhanced their ability to communicate in a confident and effective manner. This is a testament to his craftsmanship of the spoken word.
Scott Myers
President and CEO - Aerocrine AB
Danny has transformed my team into confident and motivating speakers by enhancing their personal leadership styles and having them be true to who they are as people.
Michelle Brennan
President, Ethicon Endo-Surgery EMEA (a Johnson & Johnson company)
I have had the pleasure working with Danny Jacobsen at two separate corporations. In over 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry, I have never experienced an individual with greater insight and ability to coach at all levels, with truth and clarity, leaving a positive impression on any individual or organization lucky enough to experience his presence.
Ed Luker
VP Sales Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Danny taught me how to create "pin drop" speeches. Meaning, when your audience is so captivated and engaged in your message, you can hear a pin drop. That is my acid test for a great presentation.
Peter Bell
Executive VP - Programs and Services, Autism Speaks
Danny Jacobsen is the most inspiring and powerful coach I have ever worked with. He has a unique ability to unlock the potential of individuals and teams, reveal their strengths and generate the right level of freedom, self-confidence and energy, which make success not just a possibility, but a reality.
Veronique Toully
Managing Director UCB Australia Pty Ltd
Danny establishes a trust with each person he works with, which allows me and everyone else to be their best. And that's what makes him the best.
Liza Minnelli

"The words we say matter. How we say those words matters even more."


Danny Jacobsen is the communications coach and trainer that corporate executives and teams from around the world rely upon to help them maximize their effectiveness.

Danny was born and raised in a working-class community on the South Side of Chicago, where a "roll-up-your-sleeves-and-do-it" ethic was instilled in him. Growing up, he traded an Olympic-driven training regimen as a gymnast for a life in the entertainment field. He enjoyed a career in theater, film and television for 10 years, culminating in his role as producer of the ground-breaking and award-winning documentary film, Little Man.

Ultimately, it was in the corporate world that Danny best utilized his diverse skill set. In 2002, while directing a launch meeting for a well-known company, he noticed that the speakers were falling flat in their presentations. They seemed nervous, forced and choreographed. Though it was not part of his job description, Danny offered a few tips to an executive following a difficult rehearsal. His advice was taken and soon after, he was contacted by this executive for further coaching. Word got out. Soon, he found himself working with Johnson & Johnson, then IBM and then Sony. Danny's fresh perspective and non-traditional approach became the foundation for Danny Jacobsen, Inc. with one vision in mind: To provide high-performing organizations of all sizes with a service that is superior to all others in all areas of communication. That goal has become a reality.

Ninety-five percent of Danny Jacobsen's work comes from recommendations and repeat clients.

"My experience taught me that while people in today's business world continually strive to prepare themselves for opportunities, they don't always have the tools they need to capitalize on them," Danny says. "Effective communication is the most important skill necessary for professional and personal success."

By overcoming the obstacles, fears and habits that tend to overshadow our individual strengths, the true individual emerges. This allows the development of a personal "brand" which results in confident, comfortable and inspiring communication and leadership.

In ten years, Danny has worked with over 35 companies, dozens of teams and hundreds of individuals who have vastly benefited from working with him. He has developed a specific technique that is literally changing the way business people communicate on a group and personal level.

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